Cilfi Earns “HR Software Great User Experience” for 2018 from FinancesOnline

Accomplishment_Focus_Infosoft_Cilfi_Great_User Experience_Rising Star

PremierGreat User Experience_Award_Cilfi_HRMS software review platform FinancesOnline recently took the time to review and analyze the ins and outs of Cilfi in fueling HR operations. We are pleased to announce that the results were highly favorable, with FinancesOnline recognizing Cilfi’s outstanding user interface for facilitating end-to-end HR processes. This paved the way for Cilfi to be recognized with the esteemed award for Great User Experience.

The user experience award for 2018 greatly resonates with our team, as we take pride in making Cilfi a simple and intuitive companion for solving all your HR needs. This award was given by FinancesOnline under their HR software research, wherein we were compared against other top solutions in the industry.

To provide better context, FinancesOnline’s review team underscored a few Cilfi features that allow HR teams to efficiently accomplish their work with ease. These include anRising Star_Cilfi_Award_Cilfi_HRMS easily accessible common database that allows for smooth employee onboarding and exits, time management tools for accurate payroll, and strategic management reports that allow for real-time decision making. Furthermore, FinancesOnline believes that Cilfi is one of the best HR software for small business. According to FinancesOnline, the software empowers employees thanks to its self-service portal, which provides all registered members with full visibility on their salaries, attendance, incentives, and other data.

Try Cilfi today to experience for yourself our best-in-class HR software and simplify your hire-to-retire processes with our automated functionalities.